Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory [Corrected version]

 Mark Pollicott and Michiko Yuri

(Manchester University and Sapporo University)

Published by Cambridge University Press (January 1998).
London Mathematical Society Students Texts, No. 40

The files below are corrected pdf files of the individual chapters

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Examples and basic properties
  3. An application of recurrence to arithmetic progressions
  4. Topological entropy
  5. Interval maps
  6. Hyperbolic toral automorphisms
  7. Rotation numbers
  8. Invariant measures
  9. Measure theoretic entropy
  10. Ergodic measures
  11. Ergodic theorems
  12. Mixing
  13. Statistical properties in ergodic theory
  14. Fixed points for homeomorphisms of the annulus
  15. The variational principle
  16. Invariant measures for commuting transformations
  17. Multiple recurrence and Szemerdi's theorem
  18. Index

The following pdf file contains a list of corrections to the published book.  In addition, further revisions to chapters 15 and 16 are required.

The following (rough) chapter was discarded at an early stage.

 Markov extensions
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