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моль, мотылек, ночная бабочка
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Якщо explorer вказати працювати лише на другому ядрі всі нові процеси будуть також працювати лише з другим ядром.

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Q: Does the RZ80, 33 and 22 kit include a lens?

A: Lenses are available separately, or you can use your  existing RZ lenses.

Q: How is the RZ80, 33 or 22  camera body different than the RZ Pro and Pro-II?

A: The RZ kits feature a new RZ camera body with  integrated electronics for direct, cable-free communication with the digital  back. While previous models of the RZ67 camera can work with the Mamiya / Leaf digital back, these older models require a special  adapter that involves external cabling systems. In short, the RZ digital kits are almost exactly like using a RZ67 film  camera: simple and hassle-free.

Q: Can I use the Mamiya RZ lenses I already own,  and are they sharp enough for such high-resolution capture?

A: Yes, the entire range of Mamiya RZ lenses is fully compatible with the RZ80, 33 and 22, and are some of  the sharpest lenses made — currently or historically. In fact, you may be amazed at  the level of detail that your existing RZ lenses will produce with the RZ80, 33 and 22 system. ... Читать дальше »
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