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Taking the Test

The test is presented in two formats: you can take a course test, where you are

tested on the contents of the whole course; or there may also be individual unit



We recommend that you should follow the course and then take the course test.

The test results indicate which units if any you need to review. We suggest that

you should review the recommended units, and then take the appropriate unit

tests (if available). You could also repeat the full course test if you wish.


The course test can also be used as a pre-course test. If you feel you are

reasonably proficient in the course material, you could test your skills by taking

the course test before you follow the course. The results may indicate that you

should take the whole course, or that you should concentrate on particular units.

Again, if you decide to concentrate on particular units, you can test your

knowledge of these units afterwards by taking the unit test.


In any case, it is not recommended that you follow a unit and then take the unit

test immediately. It is better to allow a time lapse, and perhaps to take a group of

unit tests together.


To take the test, click the option button Test at the foot of the Course Map

screen. You will be presented with a menu, from where you can choose the test

you require.


The first option on this menu is Full Course Test. If you choose this option, you

will be taken into a test consisting of a large number of randomly generated

questions ranging over the content of the whole course. Because the questions are

randomly generated, you may take the full course test more than once without

being presented with the same selection of questions.


Alternatively, you may choose to be tested on any individual unit, simply by

selecting that unit from the test menu. Note that the questions in the unit-based

tests are not randomly generated, so if you repeat any unit test, you will be asked

the same series of questions.

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