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How to register a student to the CMI Administration system

From the Setup drop-down menu select Register Student.


            Fill in the two fields, Name and Number, in the Student registration dialog box.


            Select Register.



Student registration dialog box options


Register                     confirms your entries in the Name and Number fields and registers

                                   the student to the system


Cancel                                   closes the dialog box


Advanced                  displays the Site/Dept, Mastery, and Password fields, for more

                                   detailed student registration



Student registration dialog box fields


Name                          for name of the student to be registered


Number                      for number of the student to be registered (the number must be

                                   alphanumeric and can consist of up to eight characters)


Site/Dept                    to identify the student by department or site (optional field)


Mastery                      allows you to set the pass level for course tests (70% is the default)


Password                    for a password for the student to be registered



How to change a student's registration details


                From the Setup drop-down menu, choose Change Student Details.


            Select the student whose details you want to change, and click the Change option button.


                When the Change student details dialog box appears, make the required changes

            in the appropriate fields.


            Click the Accept option button.
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